Keely Milliken gave me a voice and Centre Stage gave me a home beginning in 2001.

Keely’s guidance gave me direction in my life; she took an 11 year old who wanted to be a pop-star and taught me how to hone my skills both in and out of a spotlight. I have since received a Bachelor’s of Music from Berklee College of Music and am about to complete a Master’s of Art from New York University; I’ve been blessed to work with major Grammy, Emmy, Tony, and Oscar award winning artists at the likes of Warner Brothers and Atlantic Records, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and Madison Square Garden all over the world.

What Centre Stage taught me was that you can always do more, try harder, and earn more success. Hard work, determination, teamwork, reliability, networking, never settling, and being held to the importance of your word are not only vital to theatrical success, but personal happiness as well. And the amazing team at Centre Stage Academy not only exemplifies the sort of person that you want to grow up to be, but it shows you how to do it.

I could not be more grateful for the presence of CSI and Keely in my life!

Jessica Leigh Paulson

From Monrovia High’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat, to Lights recitals, to Citrus Singers. Keely Milliken, and Center Stage have helped guide me towards my dreams. I am forever grateful and am now a singer/ dancer for Princess Cruises! Thank you Keely and Everyone at Center Stage.

Amber Thompson

derekOver the years, Centre Stage has given me so many wonderful opportunities to perform and the chances to play some of my dreams roles. I have also developed valuable lifelong friendships along the way and lasting memories that will always be with me. There is something about the confidence that Centre Stage instills in their students and the family support that makes you feel loved and comfortable on and off the stage. It’s really a special group and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Derek Klena – (Broadway credits: Wicked, Carrie, Bridges of Madison County, Dogfight and now this spring opening Diner with Sheryl Crow on Broadway.)