Navigating the Road from Theatre “Kid” to Theatre “College Student”

Describe the transition from high school theatre to college theatre?
The transition from high school theatre to college theatre was definitely a culture shock experience for me. Being the President of the Theatre Department at Arcadia High School http://arcadiastage and earning several principal roles my senior year, I felt as though my hard work had paid off and I was building the foundation of my career. While that was partially true, my world was turned upside down when I was placed in an “Introduction to Acting” class and quickly discovered that I had MUCH to learn. My simple advice to students transitioning into college theatre: be a sponge. Start new, work hard, and ALWAYS be willing to learn; an actor is a student for life.

How has Centre Stage helped you learn more about directing and working with children?This past summer, I was given the privilege of assistant directing Centre Stage’s production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, which gave me the opportunity to get on the otheropportunity to get on the other side of the audition table and work closely with so many talented young actors. It absolutely blew me away to see things from a director’s perspective and watch the children in their auditions, and then be able to foster their growth as artists throughout the rehearsal process. It really gave me a whole new perspective on theatre, and reminded me why we do what we do. Additionally, it warms my heart to think of the talent that is cultivated at such a young age, right here in the beautiful city of Monrovia.

Nicholas Jimenez, Arcadia Stage President 2018

Nicholas Jimenez